From April 2024 Open hours

8:00 - 17:00
Last orders for drinks
Weekdays with break
10:00 - 10:45

Open throughout
weekends and public holidays.




Cawaii Bread & Coffee is a small bakery + coffee shop located
by the Kamejima River in Hacchobori,
Tokyo, a cozy space always brimmed with the aroma of artisan bread
just out of our oven and coffee fresh from our latest espresso machine.
Our bread is completely baked in the shop and
our coffee beans are of premium quality.
This space was designed by the Office of Ryue Nishizawa,
who renovated the former printing factory,
and produced and operated by Cawaii Factory,
an editor-writer-publisher duo working at their office near the shop.



We bake all natural bread in our oven everyday
making relentless efforts for improvement
using only Japanese-made flour,
wild yeast and organic ingredients.
The bread baked in our radiant heat oven,
the only one existing in Chuo Ward, Tokyo,
tastes even better the next day than
it does right after it comes out of the oven.
Our specialties are lean varieties of
bread that are rich in flavor
and mature after after they are baked,
and the sandwiches made with our bread
and fabulous cheese produced
by Yoshida Dairy Farm in Okayama.



The espresso we serve is low in acidity and smooth in texture.
The coffee beans we consider the best come
from in a mountain in Kyoto where they are roasted.
These beans are also great for making latte
and can be described like a fugue in music.
Sweetness comes after bitterness followed by a chocolaty aroma.
We serve monthly changing specialty coffees in which
the potential of each kind of beans is fully extracted.


T&Y Bldg., 2-30-16, Hacchobori, Chuo, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3523-5040

open hours: Wednesday – Sunday   8:00 – 17:00
last orders for drinks: 15:00
weekdays with break: 10:00 - 10:45
open throughout weekends and public holidays.
Close: Monday, Tuesday
(Summer and winter holidays, refer to SNS)


Cheese, milk and butter: Yoshida Dairy Farm

Yoshida Dairy Farm produces quality cheese in the beautiful environment
of Kibi Highlands, Okayama. The rich flavor of Yoshida’s cheese evokes the scent of
a fresh breeze blowing across highlands and instantly guides you to the age-old
human wisdom of making cheese from animal milk.
Yoshida’s products are only available at fancy restaurants and a few shops or otherwise
by phone/fax order. The cheese for the sandwiches, the butter for the croissants,
and the milk for the coffee that we serve at Cawaii Bread & Coffee are elaborately
produced and carefully shipped by the Yoshida family: Zensaku and Gen-ya,
father and son, who take care of their pasture and cattle,
milk cows and make cheese; and their wives, Chifumi and Mutsumi,
who take care of the sales of their products. Please enjoy a delicious variety of
cheeses of Yoshida Dairy Farm, such as the aged hard cheese “Majiyakuri”
and the “Fresh Cheese” that goes very well with our rye bread among many others.

Coffee beans: KAFE Kosen

Cawaii Bread & Coffee receives a different variety
of coffee beans every month from KAFE Kosen,
the factory of Ooya Coffee Baisenjo in Kyoto,
led by an expert coffee roaster, Minoru Ooya.
They roast beans from various places either darker
or lighter in good accordance with the characteristics
of each variety and grind them to fit for Vibiemme,
the coffee brewing machine we use.
Our espresso is full-bodied and “as smooth as
chocolate” as described by Ooya, and is the base
of our Americano and latte.
Subtly adjusting Vibiemme in accordance
with the characteristics of the beans and the
weather of each day,
Cawaii Bread & Coffee would like to share
the charm of coffee with you and its beans whose
maturation continues even after being roasted.

Gelato: Gelateria Sincerita

The gelato served at Cawaii Bread & Coffee is
produced by Yosuke Nakai, the young gelato meister
of Gelateria Sincerita in Asagaya, Tokyo.
Made from fine-quality ingredients through quite
an elaborate process, every flavor available tastes so
scrumptious that you would want to have it everyday.
Gelateria Sincerita is indeed a gem in the corner of
Tokyo where you can see its friendly staff members
pleasantly at work. At Cawaii Bread & Coffee,
three selected flavors that change with the seasons
are available served in cups.

Cawaii’s original apron: Yoshiyuki Miyamae + ISSEY MIYAKE

Inspired by photographs in which women wearing aprons are joyfully working at bakeries
in New York City and San Francisco, we decided to make an apron as our uniform.
Our demanding requests were: an apron that holds the wearer’s body firmly, never causes stiff shoulders,
has a penholder attached in the position useful for both the right-handed and the left-handed,
and should be in a color that doesn’t look miserable when covered with flour, and so on.
Listening to us with a smile, Yoshiyuki Miyamae, a designer of ISSEY MIYAKE,
and his team created a fabulous denim apron with our logos interwoven-
this is how Cawaii Bread & Coffee’s original apron was made. We are always impressed by their products,
in which both practicality and beautiful forms are accomplished together.

Space renovation: Office of Ryue Nishizawa

The Office of Ryue Nishizawa renovated the 46 sq.
meter space that once was a printing factory and then a garage.
Nishizawa, whose architecture features openness and transparency,
created a space for Cawaii Bread & Coffee open both to the street and to the river.
Our customers at the counter table can see through the glass wall
our chef baking bread in the kitchen also facing the Kamejima River.
A modest but pleasant store where our staff and customers cheerfully converse-
Cawaii’s dream has come true. The wallpaper with an arabesque design
was specially created to decorate this space.

Logo design:

A turtle, a loaf of bread, and a cup of coffee.
The set of three logo symbols that can also be used
separately was designed by WabiSabi,
a designer duo based in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Since they launched WabiSabi in 1999,
Ryohei “Wabi” Kudo and Kazushi “Sabi” Nakanishi
have been working actively in a variety of fields such
as advertisement, video, and interior design.
Their bold, playful style with a hint of rock’n’ roll
spirit is the great charm of WabiSabi.
The animated picture of these symbols that appears
on our website was hand-drawn by Sabi.

Website design:

METAPHOR is a designer’s team led by
Toshiyuki Nagashima and Takato Kanehara,
who take care of the entire process of creating
websites from designing through programming.
Featuring fresh ideas and solid construction,
their works in web design, interface design,
video and installation attract public eyes.
METAPHOR have successfully visualized the message
from us in the website of Cawaii Bread & Coffee,
where visitors can go through the whole content
by clicking and scrolling only a few times.

Operation: Cawaii Factory

In cooperation with the partners introduced above, Cawaii Bread & Coffee is operated
by Cawaii Factory, an editor-writer duo, namely, Tamaki Harada and Mari Nakayama.
Specializing in art and design, Cawaii Factory creates and edits PR publications
of commercial firms as well as books and magazines.
It has been six years since Cawaii Factory acquired an office by the Kamejima River.
It was Harada who noticed there was no bakery in the neighborhood for her
to buy bread everyday, and was convinced that there were many workers
and neighbors wanting one. And so the duo initiated a Hatchobori bakery project.
Good bread has to be accompanied by a cup of good coffee.
Thus Cawaii Bakery & Coffee was born. Cawaii Factory would love to do their best
to help our customers, the people concerned with our shop,
and all others to live well with good bread, good coffee, and good books.